Science Schedule

1st hour 8-2

2nd hour PREP

3rd hour 7-1

4th hour STEM


5th hour 8-1

6th hour 7-3

7th hour 7-2

8th hour  STUDYHALL 7-3

Classroom Expectations & Consequences

In order for our science classroom to be successful, we have the following expectations for all students:

1.  Be to class on time and in your seat when the bell rings.

2.  Have all your materials ready to use when the bell rings.

3.  Listen to and follow all instructions the first time they  are given.

4.  Respect your classmates, your teachers, and your school.

If you choose not to follow the classroom expections, a consequence will be earned:

1st offense: warning

2nd offense: office discipline referral

3rd offense: student removed from the classroom,  office discipline referral, and parents contacted

Grading Scale

100% A+     93-99 A     90-92 A-

88-89 B+     83-87 B      80-82 B-

78-79 C+     73-77 C     70-72 C-

68-69 D+     63-67 D     60-62 D-

59 and lower F

Absent Work

Students are expected to take care of their make-up work.  Science consists of daily note-taking and absent students will be required to copy the missed notes into their science journal or Chromebook.  For 6th grade, a printed copy of the notes will be stapled to our absent work board.  For 7th & 8th grade, a friend from class will email the absent student the notes (printed notes may be made available at student/parent request).    The textbook pages referenced in the notes are recommended reading. 


If an absence occurs when the class views a video, the student is responsible for viewing it on their own time.  If the absence occurs during an activity, the scope of the activity may or may not be made-up at the discretion of the teacher.

You may refer to the student handbook for additional information regarding the district policy for absences.  Please know that I will take into consideration each individual situation and provide assistance according to the needs of the student and family for long-term excused absences.